Darineb Khria




Skin: Red-brown
Hair: White
Eyes: Chestnut
Height: 160 cm
Weight: 44 kg
Colors: saffron

As Cybrog:

"A metal box all of winking lights and circuits and artificial limbs like the dangling tendrils of an uprooted tree." Khria's cyborg body is about a meter tall. Khria has built-in antigravs and customarily floats above the ground so that his input lenses are at eye-level.


Birthdate: 2014 CE
Birthplace: India
Date of Death: 2069 CE (first); c. 5500 (second)
Place of Death: Antarctica (first); Sebya (second)
Children: none
Other Family:
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Biographical Outline:

Darineb Khria possesses a genius-level intellect and some ability of projective empathy: that is, he is able (to some degree) to force emotional states on others. He rose to prominence in early studies of genetics, and was the first to isolate several important Human gene combinations, including that controlling eidetic memory. Khria died in the Terran year AD 2069.

Khria's body was frozen in liquid nitrogen at the time of his death. In TE 348, his body was taken to Borshall, where his brain was salvaged and placed in a mechanical shell. Darineb Khria survived the dissolution of the Terran Empire and reappeared periodically in Human history, notably on the worlds Terexta, Dunsinane, Neordan and Gotlan. He took a key role in the Gotlanian War of AD 3041-43, as well as the destruction of BDA Tr#ska in AD 4635.

By 5500 CE, Khria had built up a shadowy kingdom of Human worlds: by a combination of political influence, economic might and religious authority, he had effectively become the ruler of over fifty planets.


General: Amoral and sociopathic
Profession: Biologist, geneticist
Food, Drink:

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Appears in (story, book, etc): Hunt for the Dymalon Cygnet, Candelabra and Diamonds, The Leaves of October

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