One of the Scattered Worlds, whose people became civilized about 140 million BCE and quickly achieved racial maturity and enlightenment.

To human eyes, native Narbidrans resemble rather shaggy ponies with double-jointed limbs. They stand about a meter tall. The Narbidrans are unusually sensitive to the Hlutr Inner Voice, and frequently serve as hosts and operatives for Hlutr from other worlds. Because of this, Narbidra is frequently the venue for councils and conferences.

During the time of Humans, Narbidra was located in the Transgeled, very near the Calmathis settlements.

The Narbidrans were led to enlightenment by members of the Kravito tribe; even today, remote descendants like Shalit Kravito Ni are important personages among the Narbidrans.

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