Timeline for the First Terran Empire

(All dates are TE. TE 0 = AD 2153)

(Calendar of the First Terran Empire)

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AD 2153 = T.E. 0

Map: Growth of the First Terran Empire

EARLY EMPIRE PERIOD. Formation Wars. Powerful Nobility. Brin & Catherine.

Joradankov, the Terran Council, and the Nexus proclaim the Terran Empire.
Terran Council becomes Imperial Council.

TE 50

TE 100

TE 150

MIDDLE EMPIRE period. Pax Terranica. KBM cult officially recognized.

TE 200

TE 250

TE 300

LATE EMPIRE period (phase 1) KBM cult grows in importance. Nobility powerful and divided. Near civil war. Patalanian War begins.

TE 350

THE HIGH DAYS of the Empire (LATE EMPIRE period phase 2) Commerce with nonhumans. Political & legislative reforms repair damage done by Dirk Fodon and control nobility.

TE 400

LATE EMPIRE period (phase 3) Anarchy and dissolution. Nobility gains in power. Patalanian War splits Empire. Splinter states.

TE 450

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